Custom Metals

  •  Wide, Flat Aluminum and Metal Panels
  •  Wet or Dry Seals
  •  Painted, Anodized or Porcelainized Finished

Projects Using This Product

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Harley Davidson Plant - Tomahawk, WI

Harley Davidson expanded their Tomahawk plant and added and updated entrance. APW and All Fab provided the details and 2 different products to complete this design. The black trim consisted of an aluminum skin that was laminated over paper honeycomb. The silver inset was consisted of an anodized aluminum composite panel.


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Harley Davidson Store - Schofield, WI

APW was shown a photograph of a project completed for Harley Davidson in Atlanta where curved metal panels and neon lighting surrounded by curved stainless steel flashing were used. All Fab created similar details for this project.


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Heartland Credit Union - Madison, WI

The Heartland Credit Union Project features several product lines designed and installed by Architectural Products of Wausau. APW was originally brought in after final bidding, to provide the building team with several Value Engineering alternatives for exterior cladding. The team’s final selections included Dri-Design Metal Wall panels for the drive-thru fascia and clear-story soffits, custom aluminum plate column covers, and insulated metal panels around the mechanical penthouse. APW was able to provide complete engineering and coordination for all products from various manufactures including color matchers.


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Kryshak Jewelers - Rib Mountain, WI

Kryshak Jewelers features a dramatic light tower. The light tower cladding is custom designed by APW and is formed of clear-anodized aluminum. Day or night, the flatness of the system is visible and leaves a rich and lasting impression.


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Memorial Hospital - Oconomowoc, WI

APW used products from 4 different manufacturers on this project. BR-28 from Morin was used horizontally on the screen wall. Alply's 0.125 aluminum plate was used at the entrance canopy and column covers. The plate system allowed for curving the fascia, which provided a sloped sill at the top of the system. Alply's 9/16" snug seam with a 2" thick foam core was used to fill in between the windows on the new addition. All Fab's paper honeycomb core was used on the existing building to cover over and fill in between the windows. All Fab duplicated Alply's panel in appearance by using a painted metal reveal strip as compared to Alply's extruded silicone grey gasket. All Fab was required on the existing area because the existing condition only allowed for 1" core and did not require extra insulation. All of the products were painted with Kynar in a custom white.


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Philips Plastics - Philips, WI

The highly custom nature of these wall panels is clearly visible. The panels have 2 horizontal reveal strips that protrude outward from the face. The reveals were attached with concealed fasteners prior to the front skin being laminated to the foam core. The vertical joint width alternates from 3/8" to 3/4". Panel skins were provided by Benchmark. The reveal strips and assembly of the panels were done by All Fab manufacturing.


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The Resch Center - Green Bay, WI

A composite panel was selected because of the ability of the panel to follow the curved shapes at the top of the rotunda and at the lower entrance canopy. APW worked with Sobotec because of their excellent ability to engineer and fabricate these shapes.